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Welcome to The English Sweet Shop, the home of authentic English sweets and groceries, made for the English market, and available to you in North America. You'll find those special products you just can't get in Canada or the US. Place an order and we'll ship as much or as little as you want, right to your door.

1910 - 2010   100th Anniversary!

The English Sweet Shop is celebrating 100 years this year, 2010.  If you happen to be in Victoria on Saturday, June 5th, 2010, please drop by and join the celebration!!!!

We are currently developing a brand new website, as a result all products are not currently listed here.  If you're unable to find the exact product you're looking for, contact us via email for information and availability.

All prices on our site are in Canadian dollars. We regret we can no longer offer free delivery on orders over S50.00 CDN.  The cost of shipping will be calculated and added to the invoice.

Try the search feature in the Start Shopping section - it lets you search for any sweets or groceries by entering any part of the name.

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